Health Insurance Companies in New York

Insurance near me is a trusted online platform to find out the best health insurance companies in New York. There are many companies in New York especially Health insurance. In this list, I will share the best Health Insurance Company in New York.

List of Best Health Insurance Companies in New York

1. Emblem Health Insurance

Emblem Health Insurance Company in New York

EmblemHealth is one of the largest nonprofit health insurers in the country, serving more than three million people in New York City and the Tristate area.

They started in the 1930s, at the height of the global economic crisis. The idea of health insurance came from difficult times. A system that protects the daily life of people in case of accidents or illnesses due to a financial disaster.

Two companies from these early days of health insurance, Group Health Incorporated (GHI) and Greater New York Health Insurance Plan (HIP), would merge and become EmblemHealth. And after 80 years, their goal as a nonprofit organization remains the same: affordable, high-quality health insurance for mothers and fathers, for children and retirees, for small and large businesses, for teachers, firefighters, and workers urban … for all of us.

Corporate Headquarters

55 Water St – View Map

New York, NY 100411-646-447-5000

Walk-in customer service center at 55 Water Street (corner of Old Slip)

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2. Oscar Health Insurance New York

Oscar Health Insurance New York

Oscar’s story begins appropriately in a hospital room. Oscar’s boss, Mario Schlosser, and his wife went through their first pregnancy in 2012 in New York. When faced with a maze of insurance jargon and not a practical way to identify the best obstetrician, his first significant experience with the health care system was the loss of how to rewrite or hold someone accountable.

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Mario’s friend, Josh Kushner, recently had his own frustrating encounter after a routine treatment for an injury. Mario and Josh knew that their experiences reflected an important health problem: consumers had no power. This spring, they founded Oscar Health.

Since then, Oscar has focused on one mission: to be a health insurance company that focuses on the patient, engages members and guides them to proper care. Along the way, a team of 700 of the most talented, experienced and task-oriented people in the fields of technology, health, politics, design, and data has come together to serve the Oscar mission. And 250,000 people and companies now know what it feels like to take charge of their own medical care.

Although Oscar cannot solve and rebuild the country’s defective health care system on his own, Oscar Health insurance can work every day to give you more for your money, give you access to the best doctors and improve your health care experience.


408 Jay Street
4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact Information

Contact: 1-855-672-2788
Fax: 888-965-5422

For More information visit Oscar Health insurance official website

3. Campbell Solberg Associates Inc

Campbell Solberg Associates Inc

Campbell Solberg Associates is a company with proven professionals, attentive and aware people. Their roots go back to 1940 and have become our versatile agency serving the insurance needs of more than 7,500 individuals, families and businesses. As an independent insurance agency, Campbell Solberg does not work for an insurance company, we work for you. It cares about our customers by offering them the insurance they get from the most reliable and respected insurance companies.

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Our vision reflects our primary goal of CSA growth: leveraging our experience as an independent insurance agency and providing the highest levels of integrity and service. While we offer our personalized services, we are always available by phone or email. Our focus on building mutual trust and respect is the reason why many of our clients have been coming back for years.

Campbell Solberg Associates, Inc.
129 West 27th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10001Phone: 800-874-6172
Fax: +1 212-693-2064

For more information visit Campbell Solberg Associates official website.


I hope, you have got the best Health Insurance Companies in New York for you and your family’s health protection. We are trying to adding more trusted companies to this list. If you know other trusted health insurance agencies in New York, You can share with me.

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